August 1: A Lammastide Soiree with Vegan Traveling Chef Joshua Ploeg

August 1: A Lammastide Soiree with Vegan Traveling Chef Joshua Ploeg

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Join us on Lammas to celebrate the harvest in the weirdest way possible! By eating a spectacular vegan meal with the traveling chef Joshua Ploeg. 

An evening of song, storytelling and ceremony.

The menu is vegan and also suitable for people that do not eat wheat or soy and their derivatives. 


• Wine, an amusing themed cocktail and non-alcoholic version thereof, agua frescas, herbal tea punch with seasonal fruit to drink

• Sun Pies of Corn & Sunflower, rich and wonderful, a variety of seared and lightly dressed tomatoes, herbs, arugula. "Even As He Wanes"

• Sorghum Bread wrapped in Zucchini Bacon and Stuffed with Leek Pesto, Sweet & Spicy Bothe Sauces of Roasted Chilies and Peppers. "Bringing In the Corn"

• Grape Leaf with Roasted Mashed Hominy & Legumes, Lightly Breaded and Browned As it Please the Cook, Grilled Truffle Eggplant, Seasonal Fruit & Wine Chutney, Dill-Garlic Sauce. Served with an amusing Wine Cocktail (or pious alternative). "Press, Bladder & Witches Ladder"

• Turnip Scallops as the Sea Lord Commands, Baked Apples, Kreemy Colcannon with Roasted Cauliflower, Turmeric Sauce. "Sand Candle Song"

• Strawberry Shortcakes & Coconut Kreem, Strawberry & Blackberry Compotes, Strawberry-Blackberry Ice Kreem, Mint. "Straw Dolly"

Two seatings of only 14 people each at 6pm and 9pm. $35.