August 1: Breathwork Group Classes: Virtual Group Astrology + Breathwork via Zoom

August 1: Breathwork Group Classes: Virtual Group Astrology + Breathwork via Zoom

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**Registration for this event does not occur on The Future's website. Please head here to register. Any registrations made here will not go through.**

We’re bringing our popular astrology + breathwork event ONLINE!

Join Amy Kuretsky from Constellation Acupuncture + Healing Arts, and Lacey Prpic Hedtke from The Future for group astrology + breathwork online via Zoom. Breathwork is an active meditation that helps release old wounds, shed limiting beliefs, connect to your intuition, inspire creativity, and allow intentions to integrate into the physical and energetic bodies.  It’s like an emotional scrub brush for the body! Through this release, breathwork creates space for new energy and ideas to grow and thrive. 

There’s significant power in coming together in a sacred container to breathe and open our hearts together as a group. This group dynamic allows you to care for yourself while you care for your community through group healing.

This 90-min event will be split into three parts: time to reflect on the current astrology and how it’s showing up in our lives, time to lay down and breathe together, and time after the breathing to share and witness.

No previous breathwork experience or equipment necessary. If this is your first time using zoom, give yourself a few extra minutes to get set up before the call. Instructions for how to join the call will be shared with you in the confirmation and reminder emails.

A recording of the call will be sent to all registrants afterwards for those of you who can’t make it live.

This call time is at 7pm CST (Minneapolis, MN). Use this link to convert to your time zone.

Exchange is sliding scale with a suggested price of $33. All ticket sales are final and a recording will be sent to anyone that cannot make it live. 10% of proceeds will go to Reclaim, a Twin Cities organization that increases access to mental health support so that queer and trans youth ages 12-26 may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms.

We recognize the financial disparity that BIPOC and trans folks have historically and continue to face, and know that Minneapolis is #1 in the country for racial disparities. We also realize that many people are currently suffering due to financial losses as places of employment close due to COVID-19. Because of these things, we offer a sliding scale payment system. Sliding scale options are $33, $22, $18, $11.

We prefer to work on the honor system and not create hoops for people to jump through to receive the support they need. Sliding scale discount codes are clearly listed on the registration page. Please pay what you are able, taking into consideration your various overlaps of privilege and access.

About Amy: Amy is an co-owner of Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts, acupuncturist, breathwork facilitator, tarot reader, podcaster, and wellness coach for mind, body, and business. Her work is focused on helping female-identified and non-binary business owners heal what needs healing – whether that’s their anxiety and limiting beliefs one day or their business model the next. She has been holding space for healing through the breath since 2017.

About Lacey: Lacey is a photographer, public artist, librarian, astrologer and witch in Minneapolis. She is the founder of The Future, a project + residency space for witches. She has been studying astrology for 25 years and is currently doing an astrology mentorship with Jeff Hinshaw. She studied to be a medium at the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism, and learned the laying-on-of-hands. She is interested in all things witchy and magical.

A note on breathwork:  A home breathwork practice is not currently recommended for people in the first term of pregnancy (unless you have discussed it with a medical doctor), epilepsy, retinal detachment, glaucoma, high blood pressure not controlled by medication, cardiovascular disease, family history of aneurysm, strokes and neurological conditions, and severe osteoporosis. A breathwork practice can cause strong physical sensations and/or emotional releases. In rare cases, strong emotional releases have been known to cause amnesia.

Testimonials from past participants:

“Lacey’s astrology briefing provides really useful context for this crazy, confusing time. It’s like being able to check the spiritual weather and know what to wear for it. It’s also allowed me to feel less alone in the tumult of this crisis. Amy’s breathwork session is profoundly cathartic and deeply needed while I navigate the fear, sadness, isolation, and uncertainty of the current situation in NYC. Paired together (astrology and breathwork) it is a beacon of light that has tethered me to my heart and to the earth. Thank you so so much for doing this incredibly important work, sharing it with everyone, and offering a sliding scale price.” - Alannah

“This gathering is so stabilizing, nourishing & life giving! It's an incredible way to take some time to connect with yourself & a truly beautiful community.” - Laura S. 

“I absolutely LOVE the breath work sessions I have been participating in! It allows me to hold space for myself, be vulnerable, and RELEASE. I feel safe and encouraged when I hear Amy's voice during the sessions. I especially feel aligned when I happen to be in the exact breath cycle that she shares when she pops in. My body feels tingly and electric, I am exhausted, invigorated, and EMPOWERED after. I find more clarity and strength in my connection w myself and Spirit after- Its almost like jumping into a cold waterfall that is lined with bubble wrap... The music that plays is also one of my most favorite components in the experiences as well. I absolutely love the playlists, I can feel that they were created with a lot of intention. Getting the Spotify link sent after is seriously like getting a gift bag at a party, and I immediately subscribe and listen to them repeatedly. The time spent with Lacey sharing her passion for astrology is SO. MUCH. FUN. She is energetic and incredibly knowledgeable. It almost feels like she is sharing all the "hot goss" about her very own friends when she talks about the way the planets interact w each other. It makes me excited and wish I had kept a journal yrs ago to see where I was is previous similar cycles. I am encouraged w new reasons to journal now, so I have multiple ways to reflect upon my experiences later.” - Tosh