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//Warming hip + ass love, to blend and bend…The ass is a cosmic ocean, the hips generational locations of pleasure, birth, and being.

This blend is designed to gyrate, to send swirling, into those spots unseen and bring them both pleasure and adornment.

Rub into your ass as a pleasurable experience, or around your hips and cheeks to warm this area to infinity. Fully comforting and daring to the skin and tissues, this blend begs for experimentation and worship.

Jasmine Tea, rich in antioxidants and phytochemical wonder, opens channels. Bright Ginger and Vanilla Bean ground, while marshmallow root and succulent Comfrey leaf and flower envelop the sacred pelvis in moisture. Mysterious Copaiba resins contain fragrant ultra relaxing bcp cannabinoids, freeing inhibitions with consent and play. Peach and Ginseng bring an herbal zest and a juicy bounce to the formula. Community Grown precious Wild Kalahari Melon seed oil is an omega-rich star, smoothing out constellations into eventual big bangs. Whipped Raw Cacao butter gives a glide and a depth to this deep network. Sacral gem essences give strength for expansion.

Explore your astral universe.

Ingredients// Full Moon::Waxing Moon Biodynamic Grass-Fed Ghee, Solar + Lunar infused biodynamic Olive Oil with Wildcrafted, Organic, and/or Ayurvedically grown herbs of Jasmine Tea Pearls, Peach leaf, Whole Marshmallow Root, Comfrey Leaf and flower, Fresh Hawaiian ginger root, Vanilla Bean, Red Ginseng, Copaiba Resins and Extract, Raw Fair Trade Cacao Butter, Cold-Pressed Community Grown Kalahari melon seed oil, Moonflower Flower essence, and gemstone infusions of Ocean Jasper, Sunstone, and Orange Aventurine.

100ml ultraviolet glass jar

**Due to the whipped nature of the ingredients, and our preservative-free dedication, Astral may shift consistency at different altitudes and pressures, refrigerate to rebalance**