As Above So Below Altar Cloth

As Above So Below Altar Cloth

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Perfect for your altar (at home or in transit), these cloths are handprinted with shiny silver foil on black fabric. 

The design features a center wheel with a pentacle & classic astrological signs as well as the planets that rule them. The outer border features encircling branches to resemble our ties to the earth ((as above, so below)). These cloths serve as a great template for ritual work or tarot readings...Use them however they best fit your spiritual practice, altar, or home. 

Cloths measure approx 13.75 x 13.75 inches.

CARE & CLEANING: We recommend not washing your cloth; But if you must:: hand wash in cool water and air dry. Avoid detergents when washing ((they can be too harsh and dull the color)) and just use light soapy water.

**Please note: cloths are handprinted + foiled and may vary from edge to edge ever so slightly due to the hand printed nature.** 

 Designed by Fay Nowitz (Nyxturna).