Anja Earrings

Anja Earrings

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Verdigris patina hoops dipped in matte lilac pigment

gold plated brass lever hooks

3.5” [9 CM] L

All of We Dream in Colour's materials (with the exception of some vintage and antique components) are tested lead and nickel (and hence, allergen) free.

BRASS: the beauty of brass is that it can develop a rich patina with wear. Exposure to salt air/water will bring on bits of green patina. To protect the original finish, always remove jewellery and/or hair accessories when washing hands, showering, or swimming. Unfriendly chemicals can also cause unpredictable reactions, so put jewellery on last after you have applied perfume or hair product (this applies to all jewellery).

VERDIGRIS: patina pieces will continue to develop over time, to preserve the finish, do not use jewellery cleaner on the verdigris areas. Handle pieces by their edges where possible. Again, beware of unfriendly chemicals & always remove jewellery and/or hair accessories when washing hands, showering, or swimming. Chains and ear wires may tarnish but can be maintained with metal cleaner or silver polishing cloth -- just apply carefully. If left alone both copper and brass chain will develop a lovely patina, usually arich chocolate brown.

MATTE: As above, a water-based paint is sealed with clear shellac. It is a surface finish, so like patina and plating or any oxidisation, care should be taken not to chip or abrade the surface. Unlike the hand painted pieces, the Matte collection is a solid matte finish

Each and every We Dream in Colour piece is assembled by hand by a fully female in-house production team in Salem, MA. We Dream in Colour strive to create inspiring jewellery in a socially-conscious fashion with minimal environmental impact by avoiding harmful production processes and using non-toxic solutions to prep, clean and colour pieces. Reclaimed metals and vintage and antique re-purposed materials are used where possible, and all scrap metals are recycled. We Dream in Colour donate a portion of their profits, including 1% of their net sales to environmental and humanitarian foundations and charities via 1% for the planet