A Witch's Place pin set

A Witch's Place pin set

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☽ A Witch's Place is in the Resistance//Revolution ☾

Each set comes with two different but similar designs. 
"A Witch's Place is in the Resistance" features the Uranus symbol representing power, chaos, and flexibility in change.
"A Witch's Place is in the Revolution" features the Mercury symbol representing free thinkers, open-mindedness, and intelligence. 

Perfect for saving one and gifting the other to partners, lovers, friends, coven members or just yourself ♥

The pink and black triangles are a subtle nod to queer identities and their place in witchcraft and revolutionary practices. 

Each pin measures approx 1.25 in tall and 1 in wide.

This design features 1 clasp and Nyxturna back stamp on the back of each pin with a rubber back.