LOVE: Strawberry Rose Oxymel

LOVE: Strawberry Rose Oxymel

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Strawberry Rose Oxymel is heart medicine --- to open and protect like the fragrant like the fragrant soft petals of a rose and the thick prominent thorns that run down the stem --

Use Strawberry Rose Oxymel for all matters of the heart. Rose quartz essence helps to soothe and soften the heart where there might be pain or trauma. Promotes intimacy with yourself and others. Opening on all levels ~ this joyful potion is a true healer.

Oxymel is an ancient form of medicine. The word “oxymel” is derived from Greek meaning “Oxy”/Acid “Mel/Honey”, meaning acid honey. Snakeroot uses organic apple cider vinegar and local Topanga canyon honey for all of our oxymel's magic. This is a delicious, alcohol free way to take herbal medicines. Each Snakeroot oxymel is kid-friendly. We believe the more delicious the medicine the more likely it is to be taken, enjoyed, and harmonize with our body/mind/and spirit.

ingredients: strawberries *, rose (rosa spp.)*, rose quartz essence, apple cider vinegar *, honey *



suggested use: 15 drops as needed.