Astrological Drip candles

Astrological Drip candles

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Astrological drip candles! Carved with an astrological glyph and dressed with oil and glitter. Great for making friends with the planets, to honor a planet in your chart or that's transiting or just as a devotion to the planet. These are very drippy candles that come in combinations like: Luminaries, Personal Planets, Outer Planets and Generational Planets, and each of the signs.

Available in these combos:

And candles for each astrological sign--these are packaged in sets of two of the same sign.

Burn one for each of your planets, or your Sun/Moon/Rising and burn to bring in and honor those energies in your chart!

The wick of each drip candle is off center specifically to cause dripping as the candle burns.

Burn Time: Approximately 20-30 minutes

6" tall