Burning Essences

Burning Essences

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ABUNDANCE: A light floral scent with hints of vanilla. Spark this ESSENCE when you are opening up your Universe to endless possibilities…Burn this ESSENCE when you are practicing deep gratitude for the blessings and opportunities around you.

RITUAL: A deep aroma experience with notes of patchouli. Light this ESSENCE during your ritual to heighten your spiritual awareness and manifestation energy. Rich, deep, subtle Patchouli. Burn RITUAL when you are in a deep prayer or manifestation.

SAFE SPACE: A fragrant experience. Call upon this scent after cleansing your space. This is an “Asè” to your clearing work! Warm and sweet. Burn SAFE SPACE when you feel uprooted and need to ground yourself in a space

SURRENDER: Burn SURRENDER when you are in deep transitions and shifts in your life.

30 sticks per package