September 22: Powderhorn Plant Walk

September 22: Powderhorn Plant Walk

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Medicine grows everywhere around us. Many medicinally functional plants grow in our immediate environment that are useful for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. We close an unhealthy connection gap when we learn to recognize the variety of all life around us and what it has to offer, and when we use and perpetuate the knowledge of ancient traditional ways that humans kept themselves healthy and thriving for thousands of years. Often healing begins simply with this connection itself to tradition, nature, and the plants as individuals, then is further assisted by ingestion or topical application of the specific plants and their chemistry at the level of physical biology. 

In this class we will walk at Powderhorn Park to identify some local, common, and abundant plant remedies that grow in the urban environment and discuss some medicinal and functional uses. 

Herbal Medicine is a wide field with as many styles in approach as there are people in the practice. If you are interested in learning a few useful plants in a hands-on, experiential and relational way, please join me in befriending some plants! 


Carolyn Smith has been a student of herbal medicine since 2008. Brought up in St. Paul, MN, in a relatively conventional midwestern family, she began developing an awareness of plants and their medicinal value through classes with herbalist, Lise Wolff. She completed Lise’s Three Seasons Herbal Intensive in 2010, and has been Lise’s apprentice since fall of 2012. She has gathered many other immersive education experiences as well including internships at medicinal herb farms, studies with many other practitioners and working in retail with natural health care. Working closely with Lise, Carolyn has learned: the power of subtle small doses of plants for healing; the use of local abundant plants for medicine; the value of carefully listening to people and their pulse to hear what they need; and listening to plants to learn what they do. Through Lise’s mentorship she has established her own herbal consultation practice. You can learn more at her website - 

This plant walk is offered on a sliding scale, $20 fee suggested. We will meet right at Powderhorn Park, exact meeting location will be sent upon registration. Please register ahead, no walk-ups accepted for this class. 

10:30am-12:00pm. Sliding scale: $20 suggested