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June 6: Intro to Runes Online

June 6: Intro to Runes Online

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This was originally scheduled for May 30--MOVED TO JUNE 6!

What are the Runes? 

Norse Runes are an ancient alphabet used by the Germanic Pagans. This alphabet was used for writing, divination, and casting spells. When runes are thrown on a cloth, they will say something about a situation at hand. When they are chanted, or perhaps carved into wood or candles, they lend their power and wisdom to your magic. The runes are also deeply connected with ancestors and the dead. 

In this class, we will learn the basics of what the runes are, some history behind them, and talk through the meanings of each rune in the Elder Futhark. You do not need to own your own set of runes - this is an exploratory class!

The Runes are a system of divination and magic that is open to everyone, regardless of your own personal background.

Insta: @northern.lights.witch
Twitter: @northlightwitch

1pm CST--we're meeting on Zoom. $20.