March 27-30: Common Ground: Ceramic Show for NCECA's 53rd Annual Conference

March 27-30: Common Ground: Ceramic Show for NCECA's 53rd Annual Conference

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"Common Ground" includes ceramic work by Margaret Coleman, Rhea Dykoski, Jane Gordon, Amy Joy Hosterman, Chris Malec, Jeanine Malec, Rebecca Meszler, and Jordan Olsen, and a Handmade Mug Exhibition and Fundraiser featuring the sale of donated mugs from the larger ASM community, Artists TBA!

Do you wonder how a group of people came to know one another, or how a community became more than just a group of neighbors? What binds them together and keeps their relationships from eroding? Healthy, symbiotic environments, where everyone has an opportunity to thrive, take a lot of care and communication that often go unnoticed. As humble ground-cover plants quietly weave over the earth to protect soil from erosion, we as a community create an intangible yet vital, growing web of intertwined dreams and desires that connect us to each other.

Art Shape Mammoth is a living network of shared ideas, experiences, and connections. With our roots in Minnesota, we have branched out to states east and west, but every year we come together again in the Midwest, to the Visitor Center Artist Camp in the UP of Michigan, where we hand-process the local red clay, and work together in support of intentional, sustainable community. We are bound by our love of the material, passion for the creative process, reverence for nature, and a drive to connect. This exhibition serves as a testament to the magic and joy of shared experience, as we come full-circle to Minneapolis, MN, where we first met and grew together as a creative community.

Public Workshop: "Charms for a Claytopia"
Taught by Jeanine Malec and Amy Joy Hosterman
Wednesday, March 27th, 6-8pm, and Thursday, March 28th, 5-7pm. 
Sliding scale $40-10

A sigil is a symbol charged with intention, projected into the world to bring that idea into fruition. Join Art Shape Mammoth at The Future Minneapolis for a workshop on sigil design. Jeanine Malec of Nest & Tessellate will touch on the history of sigilcraft, noting examples of sigils from other geographies and where they are hidden in plain sight today. We will explore why we might want to make sigils of our own, how to design a sigil, and the energetic practice of charging and releasing these pictographs for positive change in our communities.

In a hands-on exercise, participants will apply their own sigil designs to ceramic medallions. The following evening, ASM’s Traveling Kiln master Amy Joy Hosterman will lead the raku-firing of the medallions during the opening reception of Common Ground.

"Hot Cocoa in Handmade Mugs!"
ASM Fundraising Party, Raku-Firing, and "Common Ground" Opening Reception
Thursday, March 28th, 5-9pm

Guests of the event can purchase any handmade mug for $40, and will receive a free hot beverage in their new mug, to keep themselves warm while enjoying the exhibition and coming together around the raku-firing of our clay sigils - our Charms for a Claytopia! We will be giving out these positive-energy sigil medallions with a suggested donation to ASM. No one turned away for lack of funds!