March 12:Advanced Mediumship 1: Crossing Earthbound Spirits

March 12:Advanced Mediumship 1: Crossing Earthbound Spirits

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Spirits can become earthbound, or stuck in our time and space, for a variety of reasons. Many then create fear in order to keep themselves safe in this space, while others seek someone or something that can help them understand what has happened and where they should go. In either case, it is in the spirit’s best interest to cross over so that their soul can continue its journey and the lessons and feelings from the life they are stuck in can be resolved. Understanding the reasons they get stuck is essential to being able to help them cross, whether they want to or not. In this workshop, we will learn what happens to earthbound spirits, and practice helping them cross over.

Amanda Joy, of Joyful Bridges, has been a practicing medium for 21 years, and has mentored developing mediums for the last 6 years. She focuses on facilitating conversations for those who need closure with loved ones, healing conflicts between the living and their loved ones, clearing spaces, and helping earthbound spirits cross over. She also does energy work, intuitive sessions, and Akashic Records sessions.

Bring a journal to record your experiences, if you'd like.

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Insta: @joyfulbridgesmn

6-8pm. $30