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July 13, 20 + 27: Alternative Approaches to Tarot ONLINE

July 13, 20 + 27: Alternative Approaches to Tarot ONLINE

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Alternative Approaches to Tarot is a three part tarot class that teaches tarot in an up-to-date, modern way and engages the creative and intuitive self to learn how to read the cards while still respecting the rich history and traditional symbology of the tarot. Students will have a solid handle on how to read their deck as well as tools to continue their work with the tarot in a way that creates nuanced, personal relationships with the cards creating insightful and unique-to-you readings. The first class will cover what tarot is, tarot basics (like how to read a tarot card without knowing anything about it), and do a deeper dive into the Major Arcana. The second class will cover tarot framework for the Minor Arcana and deep dive into the numbered cards (1-10) of the Minor Arcana. The third class will cover the much-aggrieved Court Cards, how to read, create and work with tarot spreads and discuss various ways cards can be applied in new or unique situations. Each class will be three hours. 

6-9pm. $75. On Zoom.

Bio: Cassandra Snow (they/them/she/her) is best-known for penning the Queering the Tarot book and series of the same name that was seen on Little Red Tarot and locally at They’ve also written about tarot, witchcraft and theatre at Take Your Pills,, and Howlround among others. Cassandra’s second book, Queering Your Craft: Witchcraft from the Margins is coming out via Red Wheel/Weiser Publishing on November 1st.

Cassandra has been reading tarot for a decade and a half, and is normally stationed weekly at The Eye of Horus and twice a month at The Future. They also read regularly at The Haunted Basement’s Maker’s Fairs and special events. They’ve taught classes and workshops everywhere from the U of M to the Smitten Kitten, and teach semi-regularly at both Eye of Horus and The Future. 

Cassandra firmly believes that tarot and witchcraft should be accessible tools for anyone who wants to use them and works to make them seem approachable without making them fluffy. Humor, generosity and collaboration weave their way through all of Cassandra’s work. The work

also comes from a radical, queer, sex-positive, fat-positive, anti-racist, feminist and Pagan point of view. 

In Cassandra’s other life, she runs a queer theatre company called Gadfly Theatre Productions here in Minneapolis.