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April 20: Hex Signs for Healing and Protection

April 20: Hex Signs for Healing and Protection

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This workshop will give an introduction to Hex Signs, a talismanic folk art tradition practiced on the East Coast from the early 19th century in Pennsylvania Dutch farming communities. This art form has more recently become more widely practiced in Pagan and Heathen communities as a form of “painted prayer” for healing and protection. Participants will be asked to ground and center their energies to get into a meditative mindset before designing their own hex sign toward a chosen intention. All materials will be provided, though it would be useful to come with a loose idea of an intention and personal symbolism to incorporate into a completed hex design. The goal of this class is to give a basic framework for the process so that it can be replicated at home in further iterations as needed by the practitioner. 

Bio: Jeanine has been an active participant in the Twin Cities art community for over 20 years. She works under the moniker Nest and Tessellate to create magical folk art informed by her Celtic, Scandi and Slavic roots. She attended the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul and holds an MFA in Ecological Architecture from Vesper College. Her practice explores magical symbols, pattern language and seasonal crafts derived from historic folkways. She seeks to connect with ancestral art forms, reimagine traditional folk charms and build relationships within community around these interests. Symbols charged with intention have been used for millennia as agents of healing and protection on textiles, buildings and household tools. Gathering precedents from around the Midwest and beyond; she hopes to draw parallels between diverse sources, identify shared meanings and with help from collaborators, develop new visual lexicons reflective of current needs. The goal of this work is to create a magical folk art for our time.

Instagram @Nestandtessellate 

6pm. $20-30 (with materials included), with the lower rate available to our BIPOC, GLBTQ+, differently abled and single parent community members.