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Sweet Dreams Moon Bath Salt

Sweet Dreams Moon Bath Salt

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Sprinkle 3-4 spoonfuls in bath and stir with foot in clockwise motion.  Helps promote deep REM sleep and dreamwork.  Sacred lotus was used in ancient Egyptian times as a ritual for awakening, astral projection and dream work.  Relaxes the body to prepare for sleep.

Planets:  Moon
Elements:  Water + Earth
Zodiac:  Cancer
Crystal Prescription:  Malachite, Dream quartz, Jet, Moonstone, Blue Apatite, Smokey quartz, Angel Phantom quartz, Lapis Lazuli

-Epsom salt + clay detoxes skin and reduces inflammation
-Aids in relaxation to help you get ready for sleep
-Promotes lucid dreaming, astral projection, and dream recall

Epsom salt, Bentonite clay, Jasmine, Sacred lotus, Lavender, Mugwort, & various essential oils