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Creativity Bath Salt

Creativity Bath Salt

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Sprinkle 3-4 spoonfuls in bath and mix with foot in clockwise motion. Contains herbs corresponding with Neptune to promote imagination and creative visions. Mercurial herbs help to communicate ideas into the practical reality.  Sacred lotus was used in ancient Egyptian rituals to promote awakening, dreamwork, and astral projection.

Planets: Neptune + Mercury
Elements: Water
Zodiac:  Pisces
Crystal Prescription: Citrine, Orange calcite, Red jasper, Sodalite, Tigers iron, Tangerine quartz

-Epsom Salt + Clay detoxes and reduces inflammation
-Helps promote creativity + relieve tension and stress
-Directs one on one's chosen path

Epsom salt, Bentonite clay, Sacred lotus, Skullcap, Bergamont, Moldovite gem essence, & various essential oils