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Apocalypse Potion

Apocalypse Potion

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for grace, resilience, rigor & curiosity in the face of mystery & unraveling. for cultivating courage, kinship, & collaboration with all beings.

Made with love by Dori Midnight in collaboration with adrienne maree brown and Autumn Brown for How to Survive the End of the World podcast. A portion of proceeds supports Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project.

Witchcrafted with essences of moss, oak tree, fireweed, dandelion, knotweed, mycelium new moon, rainbow kelp, citrine, emerald, & ruby in spring water and honey brandy.

how to use: Take 3-10 drops 3 X daily or as needed. Place drops directly on tongue, in water or tea, on stones or in your bath. Take in solitude or in community. Listen. Move, write, sing or draw with this remedy and let these plant and stone allies teach you about deep kinship and transformation.